My name is Yessica, nice to (e)meet you! 

Originally from the Netherlands, I’m a lifelong eager learner of the connection between body and mind. It’s something that I love studying while knowing that I will never know it all. 

I’ve been teaching yoga, Pilates, and strength & fitness for the past 6+ years; coaching people online and in-person, in small groups, large groups, and in the comfort of their own homes. 

What I love most is that every single one of us is so different. We all have different bodies, lifestyles, needs, and rhythms. My approach is based on that. Let’s figure out what fits you best, and have fun whilst doing so. 

Mahalo Moves - What's in the Name?

Mahalo is an expression of gratitude [mainly used in Hawaii].

Movement has always been magic to me. It makes me smile, it makes me put things into perspective, it makes me feel very grateful – to be able to move. Yes, even when I think that I don’t feel like it in the first place. It’s exactly this feeling that I hope to gift you with Mahalo Moves – a movement afterglow.

Yessica Personal Training Madrid

Personal Training: the Combination Plan

Yoga. The practice of yoga teaches the base of mindfulness. Listening to your body with your mind, and the other way around. The meditative component, combined with breathing exercises and asana – the physical practice – create a stronger body and a more centred mind. Practicing focus, and advancing in concentration.

Pilates. The foundation of Pilates is built to make bodies stronger, to practice precise movement, in order to build a stronger set of muscles that support all joints and all movements in daily life. As the practice was developed to support recovering patients, Pilates supports you to grow your strength in the safest way possible. It creates strong bodies, concentrated minds, and toned musculature.

Strength Training. Many words for this type of training. You can use body weights, weights in the form of dumbells, barbells or other free weights, or machines. Strength training contributes to a strong body in many ways. It makes sure that we keep muscle mass as we grow older; that our bones stay healthy and strong, and it helps to balance our hormones. For men and for women, it’s one of the best ways to keep the body strong for long-term health. 

Cardiovascular Training. These exercises are focused on boosting your heart lung system AKA your cardiovascular system. It improves your heart and lung function; helps to reduce high blood pressure and improve cholesterol levels; it helps to increase the amount of oxygen that your body can take in and use, boosts mood, and increases energy levels. 

Mobility & Flexibility. Do you ever feel stiff of like you cannot move your shoulders as freely as you used to? We can work on that! Mobility – the range of motion that you have in your joints – and flexibility – the range of motion of your muscles – are things that we can train. What you don’t use you lose, a famous saying in strength training, but it’s the same in mobility and flexibility. If you don’t use the full range of motion of your joints and muscles they will adjust accordingly. Let’s reverse that process together.

All combined. We believe that there’s no one size fits all. That our bodies and mind benefit from variation in terms of challenges, and enough rest. That we need to challenge our body and minds in various ways to keep growing and become stronger, whilst making enough space for good nutrition and sleep. We can help you with many things, advise you on even more, but at the end of the day we also believe that by giving you tools and full responsibility: you will benefit most. 


Let’s dive deeper together. Let’s talk, practice, fall over, experiment, grow stronger, fitter, happier. 

Let’s find out what works for you.