Pregnancy Pilates: Is It Safe And What To Avoid?

Pregnancy Pilates

Congratulations, you are pregnant!  Great news and super exciting, as a new adventure starts. But it might also trigger a lot of questions and doubts at the same time. Can I still exercise during pregnancy? I heard good things about Pilates for maintaining a strong body, but is Pilates safe when you are pregnant? Can […]

How to Work Out (In) the Gym For the First Time


Going to the gym is easier said than done. It’s not only finding time to do it – which is already quite a challenge if it’s not in your habits – but the idea of all those machines, weights, tools, muscular people – who all seem to know exactly what they are doing… Nerve-wracking.. Why […]

Is Pilates Good for Low Back Pain? Our Thoughts & Top 5 Exercises

Low Back Pain Yoga

There’s two ways to answer this question actually. The short answer is: yes, in general it is. However, the long answer is: it’s very personal. Pilates helps building awareness of the position of the spine and it focuses on strengthening all the muscles around it. For this reason, it might feel a bit uncomfortable if […]

Office Work: How To Stay Fit and Painless with a Desk Job

Sitting Desk Pain

10 desk work hacks to keep you healthy Take the stairs, skip the elevator An easy way to burn calories for free. Generally, you don’t save much time by taking the elevator – unless you work on the 22nd floor, of course. In your mind it might sound like horror to climb stairs instead of […]

Pain in neck or shoulders: 10 exercises for upper body stress release

Broken Wing Pose

Do you suffer frequently from pain in your neck or shoulders? Since we’re working a lot behind computers and our eyes (read = our whole upper body) face a screen multiple hours a day, many of us struggle with discomfort in the upper body; pain, tensed muscles, and maybe even headaches and psychological stress. We […]