Personal Training.

Personal Training Madrid

Personal training is not only for people who want to grow big muscles with a lot of experience in the gym. On the contrary: personal training is more and more used ‘simply’ to stay or become as healthy as possible. We believe personal training should contribute to your quality of life. Your happiness and your well-being.

Why Work With a Personal Trainer?

Personal training is a great way to work on your health with professional personalised coaching. Working with a personal trainer has a lot of benefits:

  1. A personal training programme includes a personalised exercise programme based on your preferences, needs, goals, and current state of health.

  2. Your workout programme is continuously adapted as you progres and finetune your preferences.

  3. We give you tools to monitor your own progress, hand you knowledge so you can put your own workouts together, and we help you overcome possible obstacles and plateaus.

  4. We will help you to build your strength and fitness in a safe way; making sure that you keep progressing and that you are using the right technique to keep you strong – aiming for an injury free future.

  5. You can benefit from real time personal coaching from an expert trainer with all the patience in the world.

  6. ..who makes working out fun. We help you find your style of working, teach you new things, and assure you of leaving with a good mood.

  7. Efficiently to the max. We make sure your time is spent well: putting an efficient and effective training programme together, making every minute count.

  8. Gain knowledge: we try to explain why we do what we do the best we can. Plus, we provide exercises that you can do at home to create a fully well-rounded exercise week. 
Personal training programmes

No Gym Experience? No Problem.

Whether you have lifted tons of weights before, or you’ve ever never touched one: no worries, we will start exactly where you are. If you wish, we can work with free weights and machines, but generally, we first start with You.

This means that we start with bodyweight exercises, various movement patterns, and different exercise styles to figure out what suits you and your current health condition best. This way, we can develop a truly personalised programme based on your current state of health, likes and dislikes, and goals, so we can make the most (fun and benefits) out of your time.

Personalised Programmes

No standard training programmes at Mahalo Moves. Instead, we focus on personal well-being coaching, only for you. We believe that everybody has a different body, background, story, and goals. That is why we continuously adjust the programme based on your input, feedback and progress – physically, mentally, emotionally.

Mahalo Moves believes in personalised training programmes to not only make sure you break a sweat, but to give you a well-rounded personalised programme that fits your body, mind, and current state of health. We take any possible injuries, needs, preferences, and yes: also your energy levels, into account to secure safety and fun. Every programme is unique, just like you are every single day.

Personal Training Programme
What to Expect Of A PT-Programme

What To Expect From a PT-training?

Every training programme is structured according to 5 clear steps to make sure we don’t miss a beat while constructing your training programme.


  1. Intake // Either face-to-face or online.
  2. Assessment // We will send you two elaborate questionnaires about your current health condition.
  3. First trial session // A 60-minute try-out session gives you an idea of my vibes and ways of working, while I get an idea of your current health condition, movement patterns, and energy levels.
  4. Setting goals and programming // Based on the intake, assessment, and trial session, we will construct a fully personalised programme for you. We will start with a base programme and will continually adjust it based on any changing preferences and your progress.
  5. Weekly check-in emails // Receive weekly coaching emails to help you achieve your personal goals and work on your health by yourself. We will discuss various aspects of exercise and lifestyle that can help you take your health to the next level.

Preparing Your PT-Sessions

  • Think about your goals: What do you want to accomplish? What is most important? Write 3-5 things down and make sure number 1 is really your numer 1 goal. 
  • Make sure you have appropriate exercise clothing: proper sports shoes, a supporting sports bra (if applicable), and sports clothing that allow you to move and are comfortable.
  • Bring a water bottle and a yoga mat. If you don’t own a mat: please let me know in advance.
  • Make sure you had a proper meal, but try not to eat too much two hours before the training.

Ready to get in the best shape of your life?

Preparing PT-Session