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What is Pilates?

The practice of Pilates is named after the man who developed the exercises: Joseph Pilates. Pilates is a form of exercise, focusing on improving strength, posture, mobility and flexibility, and overall body, breath and mind awareness. 

The Pilates method is focused on strengthening the whole body but holds a special place for the core. With the core, not only the so-called sixpack muscles are meant. The core exercises in Pilates focus on everything muscular from front to back and everything in between all abdominal layers, the back muscles, hip muscles, and the pelvic floor. By strengthening these core muscles, practitioners intend to improve posture, balance, and overall body stability. 

By taking Pilates classes, we aim to improve the balance between strength and flexibility. The practice can be adjusted to every level and is suitable for beginners, people with limited exercise experience or abilities (e.g. an injury), and high-performance athletes. Each group can benefit from the practice, as it’s easy to modify to make exercises more accessible, or more difficult if preferred. 

Why would you practice Pilates?

The magic of Pilates is that you become aware of so many tiny muscles that support you during the day. Muscles that you didn’t even know you had. It contributes highly to mind-body awareness and improves any imbalances in the body. It supports basically all sports that you play, and movements in so-called daily life, whilst your posture improves, and your breath becomes more coordinated – the list is endless, but I will give it a try to give you an overview. Practice Pilates if you want to.. 


  1. Improve your core strength
  2. Improve flexibility of your whole body and mobility of your joints
  3. Improve your mind-body awareness, which leads to improved movement patterns and fewer little aches 
  4. Reduce your stress levels: the mindful, controlled way of moving can have a calming effect on the mind, reducing stress and promoting relaxation. 
  5. Reduce the risk of injuries and rehabilitation of injuries: Pilates is often used as part of injury rehabilitation method as it focuses on controlled movement and is low impact in nature. It builds strength around injured areas and improves the strength of weaker areas: improving the whole body’s balance. 
  6. Improved athletic performance. Pilates supports other sports, as weak(er) areas of the body are trained to find balance with the strong(er) areas; you can train specific muscles to get stronger and improve mobility and flexibility of areas that shortened because of your sports. 
  7. Improve your mood and vitality: stimulate the hormones that make you feel happy and become fitter!
  8. Increase your energy levels. 
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Why take private classes Pilates?

  1. Progress faster! Private Pilates classes are designed to address your specific goals.
  2. Personalised attention. A private Pilates trainer can focus on your form, alignment, and individual needs. This makes the practice very safe while you learn an incredible amount about your own movement habits and how to improve them.
  3. Variation or improving certain exercises. The Pilates teacher can repeat exercises, so you can improve your movement patterns, or vary a lot with exercises and props to keep you inspired and stimulated.
  4. Target weak(er) areas. If you have specific weak areas or imbalances in your body, a private teacher can target and address those areas directly, helping you improve and strengthen.
  5. Flexibility in scheduling: make the training fit your availability and lifestyle.
  6. Working out in a private environment. Some individuals prefer one-on-one sessions for a broad spectrum of reasons. 
  7. Focus on mindfulness. No distractions, an experienced trainer who guides you, your body, your breath. The focus is on you. 

Start now with Pilates: benefit in all areas of your life