Being pregnant and staying healthy is incredibly important. You know it, I know it, but how to do it? We help you stay fit during your pregnancy and beyond. Depending on your preferences and situation, we create a personal health programme that fits you. That way, you can keep working on your overall health, strength, fitness, and most importantly: your well-being. 

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Pregnancy well-being workouts for all levels and trimesters

Yoga, Pilates, fitness training, or any specific request that you have for your current situation, our training sessions are suitable for every stage of your pregnancy, and the stage thereafter. As your body changes, it is important to adjust your exercise programme accordingly. 

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We are experienced to guide you from your first trimester to a healthy third trimester and beyond. After your delivery, the postnatal stage, it is also very important to make your exercise programme fit your body and energy levels. The idea that a body bounces back after delivery is for many women the ideal scenario, and generally an illusion. And that’s not a bad thing, you just grew something miraculous in your body! Don’t trick yourself into anything that your body is not ready for and pay attention to your limits, whilst working on getting your confidence and control over your body back. 

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Pregnancy Health And Well-Being

More and more research shows that it is incredibly important to keep moving when you are pregnant. That way, you don’t only feel better throughout your pregnancy – mentally ánd physically, but it’s healthier for you and your baby too. Thanks to a continued training programme, you will feel more energetic, your mood will be better, delivery is generally easier, and your recovery after delivering your baby is that too. So, instead of ‘eating for two’ and giving yourself as much rest (read: sitting and lying down) as possible: make sure to keep adding healthy habits to your day. 

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Healthy Habits When You Are Pregnant

Aside from considering a personal trainer during this very special time, spend some time to overthink your current habits too. Are there any things that you want to or have to change to keep your pregnancy as healthy as possible? Here are some tips.


Make sure you stay active. Walk, spend time outside, and keep doing the things that make you feel good. Being pregnant does not mean you need to stop doing everything you loved before. It might not be the ideal time to pick up a new training style or do kickboxing for that matter – no contact or high-injury risk sports, please -, but working out is still an option. You just need to take a few precautions to make sure that you keep it healthy and safe for you and your baby. 

There are always ways to add movement to your days. It doesn’t even have to be a formal form of exercise that keeps you healthy. Walking with friends or your dog, doing some gardening, or even cleaning your house. Even though taking sufficient rest when you feel you need it is important, it’s even more important to keep reminding your muscles that they are there (hello!). You need these friends to not only keep your daily life feel energised, but they will also come in handy when the pregnancy progresses and your belly gets heavier. Aside from that, when the baby is there, it’s important that you do not lose too much muscle. You will need it then too! 

Without risking hurting yourself or your baby, there are various ways that you can still exercise. Were you doing yoga, Pilates, or going to the gym before? Great! You can keep doing these things. Just make sure that your teacher always knows that you are pregnant, also and maybe most importantly when there’s no bump visible yet. 

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Eat loads of the good stuff to keep your body and mind on top. This means

Everything you ingest is used, digested, and travels through your body, so be aware of what you put into it. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy it, on the contrary. Maybe this is a good time to explore your taste buds and cooking skills. Try some new recipes and learn to food prep. Your future self will be very grateful, as it means you can save a lot (read: loads and loads) of time in the kitchen while still putting the best foods in your body. 


Listen to your body. Take rest when you feel tired and schedule time-outs when you need it. Try to sleep at least 8 hours per night, and avoid stress as best you can. This is not the time to push yourself more and raise your stress levels. This is time for you. 

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