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5 things you need to know when starting yoga

Do you want to start a yoga practice but not sure how? Here are five important things every yoga beginner should take into account.

  1. Remember that everyone was once a beginner.

If you are curious about yoga, just go for it – try it. Be prepared to not understand everything right away. Be prepared to experience discomfort or maybe even to dislike the whole experience. If this is the case, that is alright, but go for a second time too. Maybe at a different location, with a different teacher, or a different yoga style. Explore and try different things to be able to differentiate between styles, studios and teachers. To grow your preferences and knowledge. Yoga is all about feeling well and that is very personal. What others like does not necessarily have to be your thing. You could take a beginners course but don’t see it as a must. Tell any teacher that you are new to yoga and a good teacher will be a bit more attentive to you. This is not to make you too self-conscious but to make sure that you are practicing in a safe way. Everyone was once a beginner and we all grow from there.

Start with yoga

  1. Know what you are looking for

Yoga can have many forms. For this reason, it’s very important to know what you are looking for, mainly to prevent yourself from getting disappointed. Yoga can be more meditative and mindfulness based, where hardly any physical movement is required, and it can be quite intense in terms of muscular stimulation. Make sure that you know what you would like to find in a yoga class, do your research and find a class that fits your needs and wishes. If you are looking to deepen your meditation practice you might not want to start with vinyasa yoga, while if you are looking to make your body more flexible and stronger, while growing your mind-body awareness, vinyasa yoga might really be your thing.

  1. Practice a bit for yourself

If you know what you are looking for, you can prepare yourself a little bit by familiarising yourself with some words, phrases and maybe even poses. Viewing a few things on YouTube can already help you to get some basic knowledge about the structure of a yoga class and its typical movements (or lack of -). Explore a few different YouTube channels and pay specific attention to what you like or don’t like. These kind of features will probably make a difference in your choice for a certain style, teacher or location as well. You can try some moves already yourself or just watch but just watching can already prepare your body a bit, as this is basically the start of your yoga body mind connection.

  1. Pack your yoga bag

Make sure that you know what you want to wear or maybe even need to wear (no one wants to go to a bikram class fully dressed in a warm hoody but without a towel!). There are many forms of yoga and some require other clothes than others. This does not mean that you need ‘fancy yoga clothes’ or anything else specifically designed for yoga. It just means that if you are going to a flow class you might want to wear something to move easily in, while if you are attending a yin yoga class you want to stay warm and maybe need warmer and looser clothes plus some extra layers to cover yourself ‘just in case’. Aside from that, you might need to take your own yoga mat. That depends on the studio or gym that you are going to. Do your research, maybe send an email to the studio or gym, and prepare your bag.


  1. Don’t let unfamiliar phrases or yoga philosophy scare you away

As yoga stems from a very ancient background, there might be some philosophy involved, rituals that seem weird to you, or new phrases that make your brain wonder whether you are some place abroad. As every practice and expertise generally goes hand in hand with its own vocabulary, prepare your mind to not to be familiar with all words and customs and maybe even instantly judging all these things for being weird. Try to be open to new things and be aware that you don’t have to understand everything right away. A nice yoga teacher or fellow yogi’s will be happy to explain anything if you have any questions. No question is weird and you’d be surprised how quickly you pick up new words and customs.

Ready to begin? Have fun, as there’s no such thing as re-doing your first time.

Enjoy all the newness!





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